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We offer full sharpening services, as well as New Blades and Coolant. Need more information? Feel free to email or call sales or technical support.

Cutting Tips

  • Let the saw do the work. Do not pull down too hard on the handle. Too much pressure increases chattering and vibration and decreases sawblade life.
  • Make sure sawblade is tightly secured to main spindle (left-hand thread).
  • Make sure material being cut is tightly viced in saw.
  • When cutting non-ferrous materials, cut highest available speed, using largest diameter available sawblade, with one level coarser then above recommended chart.
  • When cutting stainless steels, cut at lowest available speed, using smallest diameter sawblade, with one finer then above recommend chart, and enrich your coolant.

Basic Saw Maintenance

Watch a short online video on periodic basic saw maintenance. This will help you keep your saw at top performance and increase its overall life.

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Printer Prepared Brochures

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Doringer D350

Doringer D300

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Owners Manual

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Download a copy of the owners manual to replace the original.

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